Conveyancing & Securitisation

Mandates with regards to land transfer and/or acquisition are dealt with by our robust and efficient Conveyancing, Securitization and Real Estate Development Unit. The Conveyancing Team led by Rumbidzai Matambo, prides itself on being able to offer players in the property market a complete package of legal advisory services starting with the ability to conduct a legal due diligence on the property in question and rendering advice on any legal or technical issues arising regarding the property's use and zoning. In addition to the usual legal services such as the negotiation and drafting of the agreement and transfer of land.

The Conveyancing Team also works closely with respected real estate practitioners, valuers, planners, architects and engineers who are able to deliver, at similar professional standards.

As a support service to the Corporate, Commercial, Financial Tax Unit, the Conveyancing Team assists in the structuring of security packages for loan arrangements. This involves the drafting and perfection of securities which includes registration at with the Registrar of Deeds.

The Legal Practitioners in the team are not only Conveyancers but registered and experienced Notaries Public with years of experience in the preparation and execution of Notarial documents.

Our services include:


• Rendering advice on the negotiation of land and property sales;

• preparing documents for the transfer of legal title of immovable property from one party to another;

• rendering advice on property developments, subdivisions, change of use, creation, conversion and protection of property rights

• Legal advice relating to construction;


• Reviewing/formulation of security packages and documentation to be registered in accordance with the laws of Zimbabwe;

• Securities registered include mortgage bonds (Principal, surety, collateral, indemnity), notarial bonds(general or special covering), and hypothecation of mining claims


Expertise in the preparation and execution of all of Notarial General Covering Bonds; Notarial Special Covering Bonds, Notarial leases, hypothecation of Mining Rights, notarial deeds of Servitude, Notarial Deeds of Sectional Title, Notarial Deed of Change of Name; notarial deeds of Trust